Research Article

Characterization of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Identifies a Gene Signature for Predicting Clinical Outcomes and Therapeutic Responses in Bladder Cancer

Figure 6

EMT-related gene signature predicts chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic benefits. Box plots display lower IC50 values of six commonly used chemical drugs in high-risk patients (a-f). Scatter plots illustrate negative correlations between ERS and the estimated IC50 values of cisplatin (g), gemcitabine (h), and doxorubicin (i). Violin plots show that ERS of nonresponders is significantly higher than that of responders in the immunotherapy cohort of IMvigor210 (j) and GSE176307 (l). High-risk patients present significantly lower percentages of responses (CR/PR) and higher percentages of nonresponses (SD/PD) in both IMvigor210 (k) and GSE176307 (m). IC50: half-maximal inhibitory concentration. ERS: EMT-related risk score. CR: complete response. PR: partial response. SD: stable disease. PD: progressive disease. ; ; .