Table 2: Ideal properties of appropriately formulated cleansers for neonates and infants.

PropertyTraditional cleanserInfant cleanser

Surfactant systemsAmphoteric, anionicAmphoteric, nonionic, and ethoxylated anionic
Micelle diameterSmallerLarger
pHSlightly acidic to neutral pHpH should cause minimal changes to skin surface pH
Estimated IL-1ra/IL-1α ratioLargerSmaller
Preservative systemSome claim preservative-free Product should be “microbiologically robust”
Fragrance (parfum/perfume)Higher concentration levelLower concentration level; restrictions on specific fragrance components; fragranced product clinically evaluated for irritation and sensitization potential
OtherProduct should be efficacious and should be demonstrated to be well tolerated

IL-1α: interleukin-1α, IL-1ra: interleukin-1 receptor antagonist.