Dermatology Research and Practice / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

miRNAs and Melanoma: How Are They Connected?

Table 2

miRNAs expression changes related with melanoma progression and their targets.

miRNAsmRNA targetConsequenceReference

miR-196a decreaseHOX-C8cadherin-11 expression modification[55]
miR-200a or miR-200c super-expressionincrease the invasive capacity[63]
miR-148 diminishedMITFcontributes to malignant transformation[69]
VNTR pri-miRNA-137 (miR-137)MITFcontributes to malignant transformation[70]
miR-182 gene locus amplificationMITF and FOXO3 Increased of invasive and survival capacity and enhances metastatic potential[68]
miR-211 decreaseKCNMA1 contribute with malignant metastatic phenotype[71]
miRNA-193b decreaseCYCLIN D1increased cell proliferation[74]
miR-let7b decreaseCYCLIN D1 and Bsg high proliferation rate[61, 81]
miR-205 decreaseE2F1high proliferation rate[79]