Table 1: The PKQ items: percentages of correct and uncertain answers at baseline (T1).

The 49-item PKQTrue/falsePercentage of correct answersUncertain

(1) Once you have psoriasis, the illness will become increasingly worse.False4127
(2) The ways psoriasis develops vary greatly.True917
(3) People with psoriasis can develop psoriatic arthritis.True917
(4) With psoriasis, there is increased division of the cells in the skin.True899
(5) If all signs of psoriasis are gone, you are completely cured.False8414
(6) The more psoriasis you have, the greater the chances for developing psoriatic arthritis.False3059
(7) Scaling of the skin is the result of accumulation of dead cells.True7816
(8) With psoriasis, the skin feels warm because of increased blood flow in the psoriatic lesions.True3148
(9) A throat infection can/may cause psoriasis.True6227
(10) A skin injury can/may cause psoriasis.True7120
(11) Taking antibiotics can/may cause psoriasis.False1165
(12) Environmental pollution can/may cause psoriasis.False1767
(13) Antimalaria and high blood pressure medicines can/may worsen psoriasis.True1181
(14) Stress or worry can/may exacerbate psoriasis.True953
(15) Sunlight can/may exacerbate psoriasis for some people.True5131
(16) Diet is important to the development of psoriasis.False736
(17) Laundry powder and various types of chemicals exacerbate psoriasis.False855
(18) Scratching the skin can/may worsen psoriasis.True5631
(19) Treatment is the same for all psoriasis patients.False7913
(20) Treatment depends on lifestyle, the severity of psoriasis, and the location of the lesions.True6323
(21) Cortisone ointment/cream may be applied only for one week at a time.False3629
(22) There are several types of cortisone ointments/creams with different potency for the treatment of psoriasis.True918
(23) Research shows that herbal medicines have a positive effect on psoriatic lesions.False2071
(24) Daivonex (calcipotriol) ointment/cream contains a substance similar to vitamin D.True5542
(25) Vitamin D preparations should be applied abundantly to the lesions, but the amount used should not exceed 100 grams per week.True1571
(26) All topical treatments for psoriasis can/may be applied at all skin locations over the entire skin surface.False4342
(27) Phototherapy can/may increase the risk of skin cancer.True3647
(28) Sunlight suppresses the immune system of the skin.True2539
(29) Methotrexate is used in the treatment of psoriatic lesions and arthritis.True6534
(30) Moisturizers stop the skin’s ability to produce fatty substances, and thereby you become dependent on using them to keep your skin moist.False4646
(31) There is no upper limit regarding UVB treatment for psoriasis.False6329
(32) Daivobet ointment contains only cortisone.False3752
(33) Vitamin A preparations (e.g., Neotigason) cannot be used during pregnancy.True1979
(34) Carbamide-containing moisturizers can/may reduce the scaling.True4355
(35) Creams contain more fat than ointments.False4343
(36) Cyclosporin (Sandimmun Neoral) affects the immune system and can be used to treat serious cases of psoriasis.True1980
(37) Psoriasis located in nails is difficult to treat.True6236
(38) Ointment is often a better treatment for psoriasis than cream.True5239
(39) Salicylic acid ointment/oil is used to remove psoriasis scales of the skin and the scalp.True8910
(40) The effect of locally applied cortisone may decrease with daily use over several months.True6136
(41) Enbrel/Remicade heals psoriasis.False2559
(42) Psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin.True5325
(43) Psoriasis is an infectious disease.False5336
(44) Psoriasis is a disease of the immune system.True4332
(45) Psoriasis is an allergic disease.False6728
(46) Women are more prone to psoriasis than men.False4656
(47) Psoriasis can pass between generations.True7721
(48) Psoriasis occurs most frequently in people older than 50 years.False5142
(49) Overweight, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases occur more frequently in people with psoriasis than in the general population.True3160