Research Article

Cognitive Reactivity to Success and Failure Relate Uniquely to Manic and Depression Tendencies and Combine in Bipolar Tendencies

Table 1

Correlations and partial correlations (current manic and depression symptoms partialled) between depression ( ), (hypo)mania ( ), and biphasic ( ) GBI-scores and failure and success reactivity.

Failure reactivityaSuccess reactivitya

GBI depression−.24** (−.20*).09
GBI (hypo)mania−.06.33*** (.32***)
GBI biphasic−.26** (−.23**).16* (.26**)

GBI: general behavior inventory; values between brackets are partial correlations between variables controlled for current manic (ASRM) and depression (DASS-D) symptoms; n varies because of missing data.
aHigher scores on the reactivity scales reflect higher levels of self-assurance/self-confidence; lower scores reflect lower levels of self-assurance/self-confidence;
* .  ** .  *** .