Table 2: Survey respondents’ current use of PST in clinical practice.

QuestionResponse optionsNumber (percent)

Do you still use the following elements of PST in your clinical practice?
( 𝑛 = 3 4 clinicians who still used PST in clinical practice)
Problem orientation
 Reframe problems as challenges29 (85.3%)
 Discuss the relationship between
 depression and problem solving
31 (91.2%)
 Make a problem list at the outset of
26 (76.5%)
Problem definition33 (97.1%)
Goal-setting32 (94.1%)
Brainstorming33 (97.1%)
Evaluation of solutions29 (85.3%)
Action plan30 (88.2%)
Evaluation of outcome30 (88.2%)
Problem-solving materials
 Original forms21 (61.8%)
 Own forms15 (44.1%)

How often do you use PST (or elements of PST) with clients/patients who you see for therapy OUTSIDE OF a research context?
( 𝑛 = all 40 survey respondents)
Frequently16 (40.0%)
14 (35.0%)
Rarely4 (10.0%)
Not at all6 (15.0%)