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Review Article

An Overview of Depression among Transgender Women

Table 2

Depression as a factor predicting health-related variables.

Authors, year of
Study locationStudy populationStudy methodPredicted variableCorrelates testedOutcomes

Garofalo et al., (2006) [16]Chicago51 MTF minorities, 16–25 years (HIV funding, community agency)Survey
HIVSocial support
Life stress
Sexual risk cognition
Risk behaviors
Depression rates similar to general population.
No variables assoc. w/HIV status except African-American.

Nuttbrock et al., (2013) [7]New York City230 MTF, HIV negative at baseline, recruited throughout communityInterview
3-year prospective
Unprotected receptive anal intercourse (URAI)
Depr. symptomsDepr. symptoms led to higher risk of URAI.
Depr. symptoms increased risks of HIV/STIs.

Operario and Nemoto, 2005 [17]San Francisco110 API MTF, venue based recruiting (and AIDS service orgs.)InterviewURAISuicide attempt
Sex work
Sex assign. surgery
HIV status
Sex work in past month and ever attempted suicide associated with URAI.