Depression Research and Treatment / 2014 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Long-Term Effects of the Treatment of Depressive Female Inpatients in a Naturalistic Study: Is Early Improvement a Valid Predictor of Outcome?

Table 6

Binary logistic regression analyses of the covariates/factors associated with treatment outcome at posttreatment and follow-up for the early improvement definition after 30 days (EI30/NEI30).

(SE)OR95% CI value

Baseline BDI−.12 (.02).89.86–.92.000
Treatment duration−.01 (.01).99.98–1.00.023
Age−.00 (.01).99.98–1.02.913
EI30/NEI30−1.29 (.39).28.13–.59.001
CD/NCD.15 (.44)1.16.49–2.72.739
Interaction EI30/NEI30 days CD/NCD.90 (.82)2.45.50–12.13.272

Baseline BDI−.06 (.01).94.92–.97.000
Treatment duration−.01 (.00).99.99–1.00.076
Age.01 (.01)1.011.00–1.03.148
EI30/NEI30−.92 (.34).40.21–.78.007
CD/NCD.04 (.36)1.04.51–2.11.909
Interaction EI30/NEI30 CD/NCD1.18 (.69)3.258.34–12.67.089