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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy
Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 223-227

The Role of Bronchoscopic Therapy in Bronchial Granular Cell Myoblastoma: Presentation of Three Cases

1Department of Pulmonology, Free University Hospital, P.O. Box 7057, Amsterdam 1007 MB, The Netherlands
2Department of Pulmonary Diseases, Groot Ziekengasthuis, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
3Department of Pulmonary Diseases, BovenlJ Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4Department of Pulmonary Diseases, Kennemer Gasthuis, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Received 3 August 1995; Accepted 4 December 1995

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Tracheobronchial granular cell myoblastoma (GCM) is rare. Although the tumor has some malignant properties, it is considered benign, and there is no consensus regarding treatment. Three cases are reported here. Bronchoscopic treatment in patients with GCM may be attempted as a first approach in case the tumor is intraluminal.