Table 1: EUS-FNA by region and diagnostic accuracy.

RegionFrequencyFNA nondiagnostic or false negative FNA diagnostic (%)

Pancreas20116 92.04
Abdominal lymph nodes277 74.07
Stomach200 100.00
Mediastinum212 90.48
Esophagus130 100.00
Liver50 100.00
Duodenum40 100.00
Adrenal30 100.00
Ascites/other41 75.00

Total26820 92.54

Various regions sampled by EUS-FNA cytology, showing frequency of FNA, number of false negatives or nondiagnostic samples, and overall diagnostic accuracy are displayed.
Total includes several cases of overlap in patients where multiple regions were sampled by FNA. For example, a patient had FNA biopsies taken from his pancreas and abdominal lymph nodes.