Table 1: Clinical and EUS features of patients with primary disease, local recurrence or extra pelvic metastatic urological disease.

Age & genderPrior cancer diagnosisReferral sourceFNA locationTargeted biopsy or incidental findingFNA passesCytologic interpretationImmuno-staining1Final diagnosis

184 MBladderGeneral surgeryIliac LNTargeted biopsy5PositiveCK7, CK20, OSCAR, p63Recurrent bladder
282 MBladder (T1)Colorectal surgeryBladder massIncidental3PositiveCK7, CK20, CK903Recurrent bladder
382 MBladder G3 muscle invasiveUrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy3PositiveCK7, CK20Recurrent bladder
464 MNoUrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy1PositiveNABladder cancer
568 MProstate (T3b) & perianal Crohns diseaseUrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy3NegativeNARecurrent prostate following surgical evaluation
666 MProstate Gleason 3 + 3UrologyPerirectal LNTargeted biopsy3PositivePSA, PACPRecurrent prostate
777 MProstate Gleason 4 + 4UrologyPerirectal LNTargeted biopsy5PositivePSA, PACPProstate cancer
895 MBladder G1GastroenterologyPerirectal LNTargeted biopsy3PositivePSAProstate cancer
960 MBladderGastroenterologyRectal wallTargeted biopsy3SuspiciousNARecurrent bladder³
1053 MProstate Gleason 3 + 3UrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy2PositivePSA, PACPRecurrent prostate
1173 MBladder G2 superficialUrologyRectal wallTargeted biopsy5PositiveNARecurrent bladder³
1254 MBladder G3 muscle invasiveGastroenterologyRectal wallTargeted biopsy3 & TCB (4)PositiveCK7, CK20Recurrent bladder³
1354 MNoUrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy4NegativeNAleft seminal vesicle
1455 MBladder G3 muscle invasiveUrologyRectal wallTargeted biopsy2 & TCB (2)PositiveCK7, CK20, CK903Recurrent bladder³
1570 FBladder G3 muscle invasiveUrologyRectal wallTargeted biopsy9PositiveKeratin AE1/AE3Recurrent bladder
1686 MProstateUrologyPerirectal spaceTargeted biopsy2PositiveNARecurrent prostate
1740 MBladder G3 muscle invasiveUrologyMediastinal LNTargeted biopsy4PositiveNAMetastatic bladder
1837 MTesticular embryonal and yolk sac tumorUrologyDuodenal wallTargeted biopsy5 & TCB (3)PositiveNAMetastatic nonseminomatous germ cell tumor consistent with embryonal carcinoma
1972 MProstate Gleason 3 + 3Medical oncologySubcarinal LNTargeted biopsy3PositivePSA, PACP°Metastatic prostate

1CK7, 20, 903: Cytokeratin 7, 20, 903.
OSCAR: Monoclonal Antibody against Cytokeratin.
PSA: Prostate-specific antigen.
PACP: Human prostatic acid phosphatase.
Keratin AE1/AE3: detects CK1–8, 10, 14–16 and 19.
°Negative for CK7, TTF-1 and CDX2.
²LN: lymph node.
³Linitis plastica.