Table 1: Technical specifications of commercially available small intestine capsules.

CompanyGiven imaging Inc.OlympusIntroMedicJinshan
CapsulePillCam SB/SB2EndoCapsuleMiroCamOMOM

Size (diameter length)11 mm 26 mm11 mm 26 mm11 mm 24 mm13 mm 27.9 mm
Resolution256 256NA320×320640 480
Field of View140°/156°145°150˚140 ± 10°
Image Capture Rate2 fps2 fps3 fps0.5–2 fps
Illumination6 LEDs6 LEDs6 LEDs6 LEDs
Battery Life8 hr8+ hr11+ hr8 ± 1 hr
ApprovalFDA 2001/2011FDA 2007FDA 2012PRC FDA 2004

CMOS: complementary metal oxide semiconductor, CCD: charge-coupled device, LED: light-emitting diode, RF: radio frequency, HBC: human body communications, NA: not available.