Table 1: Delayed bleeding rate of endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastric cancer and gastric adenoma in Japanese patients.

AuthorYearLesionsDelayed bleeding (%)Resection rate (%)

Imagawa et al. [13]2006196093
Kakushima et al. [14]20063833.491
Oka et al. [5]20061956.283
Onozato et al. [15]20061717.694
Hirasaki et al. [16]20071127.196
Ono et al. [17]20081618.799
Isomoto et al. [18]20095101.895
Hoteya et al. [19]20095724.995
Tsuji et al. [20]20103985.8NA
Higashiyama et al. [21]20119243.0NA
Kawano et al. [22]2011912.297.8
Imaeda et al. [23]20111234.197.7
Akasaka et al. [24]201111883.195
Goto et al. [25]201218145.5NA

Total68382.6 (95% CI: 2.3–3.1)‚ÄČ

NA: not analyzed; CI: confidence interval.