Table 1: Relationship between white zone distinctiveness and length of the intervening part. The lengths of the intervening parts in areas where the white zones were distinct, visible but nondistinct, and invisible were 136 ± 46 μm, 74 ± 17 μm, and 82 ± 34 μm, respectively. The length of the intervening parts in the surrounding gastritis mucosa was 127 ± 46 μm. The lengths of the intervening parts of lesions showing a distinct white zone and those in the surrounding gastric mucosa were significantly longer than those in areas with a visible but nondistinct or a invisible white zone ( ).

Distinctness of white zone The length of
intervening parts

Lesion with distinct white zone 136 ± 46 μm*
Lesions with visible, but nondistinct
white zone
74 ± 17 μm**
Lesion with invisible white zone 82 ± 34 μm**
Surrounding gastric mucosa 127 ± 46 μm*

*Versus ** .