Table 3: Prior prospective studies on fully covered SEMS for benign biliary strictures.

Study (year)
N Type of stentStricture resolution success rateMigration rateMean followup

Traina et al. (2009) [17]16Niti-S Comvi87.5%38%10.1
Mahajan et al. (2009) [13]44GORE VIABIL83%4.5%3.8
Hu et al. (2011) [18]13A short stent with a retrieval suture92.3%None12.1
Park et al. (2011) [19]22SEMS with anchoring flap 91%None3.6
21SEMS with flared end88%33%4.2
Tarantino et al. (2012) [20]39Niti-S Comvi (after failure of conventional therapy)71.8%33.3%22.1
15Niti-S Comvi (as first approach)53.3%46.7%14.4
Poley et al. (2012) [16]23HANAROSTENT61%4%15
Perri et al. (2012) [21]7 Unflared end Niti-S43% 100% 24
10Flared end Niti-S90%40%24
Tarantino et al. (2012) [22]62Niti-S Comvi90.3%24.2%15.9
Current study23Wallflex96%39.1%18.8