Table 4: Items, internal consistencies, and factor loading of the extended scale 1 (study 2).

Inner correspondence/peaceful harmony with practices (ICPH) (eigenvalue 7.7; alpha )Corrected item-total correlationCronbach's alpha if item deletedFactor loading

B21 entire sensation was in harmony with the movements/practices.871.940.897
B18 felt in complete harmony with the practices deep within.809.942.845
B9 feelings and intentions corresponded with movements.790.942.828
B6 during the practices I was able to forget myself completely.772.943.814
B4 emotionally, I could completely come to terms with the practices.776.943.814
B23 calm and peaceful while performing the practices.772.943.813
B22 able to forget the worries of daily life while performing the practices.729.944.779
B20 practices have deeply touched and warmed my heart and soul.724.944.773
B24 performing the practices, completely engrossed—nothing from the outside distracts.725.944.772
B17 easy to have a sense of my “inner pictures” (images in my mind) and to bring them to life within.724.945.771
B3 during the practices there was no need to think about it; I could fully get into it.713.945.760
B16 felt comfortable and relaxed during my practices.681.946.732

Principal component analysis; one extracted component which explains 64% of variance.
new items.