Figure 5: Determination of the percentages of polymerized to soluble β-tubulin in TCCSUP cells treated with Florin extracts. Cells (2 × 106) were pre-cultured for 24 h and treated with Florin extracts (25 μg/mL), colchicine (0.05 μg/mL), or Taxol (0.1 μg/mL) for 24 h. Treated cells were harvested, lyzed, and soluble and polymerized fractions of tubulin were obtained. About 25 μg of soluble and polymerized fraction proteins were used in the Western blot analysis, with antirabbit β-tubulin monoclonal antibody as a primary antibody. Images were photographed (a), and the percentages of polymerized to soluble tubulin were calculated using the band area (b).