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Acupuncture May Stimulate Anticancer Immunity via Activation of Natural Killer Cells

Table 5

Studies with evidence that acupuncture stimulation modulates expression of NK cell receptors.

Authors, journal, year of publicationRho et al., Mol Cells, 2008Kim et al., J Neuroimmunology, 2005Xiao et al., Chen Tzu Yen Chiu, 1992Ma et al., Zhen Ci and Yan Jiu, 1992Wu et al., Chung-Kuo Chung Hsi i Chieh Ho Tsa Chih, 1994
SubjectsSprague-Dawley ratsSprague-Dawley ratsPeople with rheumatoid arthritis (controls, healthy people)BALB/c miceHospital patients diagnosed with a malignant tumor prior to surgery

Treatment groupYesYesYesYesYes
Placebo control groupNoNoYesNoYes
Non-placebo control groupYesbYesYesYesYes
Jaded scorea53233
Jaded score components
 Study described as randomized (yes = 1; no = 0)10111
 Randomization appropriate (yes = 1; no = 1)10 11 1
 Subject blinded (yes = 1; no = 0)11011
 Evaluator blinded (yes = 1; no = 0)11111
 Subjects that withdrew and/or dropped out  described (yes = 1; no = 0)11111

aUsed to assess quality of methods, with 5 being the highest score possible.
bAuthors state “At the same time, the control group of rats (n = 6) were restrained in holders without EA stimulation or with EA stimulation at a non-acupoint”.

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