Figure 3: Chinpi had no therapeutic efficacy on demyelination in FcRγ/Fyn double-deficient mice (dKO). (A) Luxol Fast Blue (LFB) staining of cross-sections of the corpus callosum from untreated dKO mice (a), dKO mice after treatment with Chinpi for 2 month (b) and 3-month-old control mice (c). cc, corpus callosum; LV, lateral ventricle; GPI, globus pallidus (lateral segment); CP, caudate putamen; fi, fimbria; CA3, field CA3 in the hippocampus; int, internal capsule. (B) Immunoblot analysis of MBP and P-MBP levels from myelin in FcRγ/Fyn double-deficient (dKO) mice after treatment with Chinpi for 2 months. (a) Untreated control, (b) Chinpi treatment, (c) Normal control mice (3-months old).