Figure 4: NYT constituents enhance the activation of FcRγ-Fyn signaling in OPC cultures. The mixtures of NYT constituents were added to the OPC cultures at a final concentration of 10 ng/mL for each constituent. After 48 h, the cell lysates were immunoprecipitated using anti-PY20 antibody and detected using anti-Fyn or anti-FcRγ antibody. The blots were probed with antibodies against anti-PY20 antibody and re-probed with total Fyn or total FcRγ antibodies to normalize the mean intensity of phosphorylation. The phosphorylation of FcRγ was greater in cells treated with mixtures A or D. (a) Untreated control OPC culture, (b) mixture A (Keihi, Onji, Shakuyaku, Chinpi, Kanzo), (c) mixture B (Keihi, Shakuyaku), (d) mixture C (Onji, Kanzo), (e) mixture D (Chinpi).