Figure 5: Chinpi’s active constituents, hesperidin and narirutin, activate the FcRγ/Fyn signaling cascade and increase the level of 21.5 kDa P-MBP in OPC cultures. Mixtures of NYT constituent were added to the OPC cultures at a final concentration of 10 ng/mL for each constituent. After 48 h, the cell lysates were immunoprecipitated using anti-PY20 antibody and detected using anti-Fyn or anti-FcRγ antibodies. The OPCs that had been incubated with hesperidin and/or narirutin showed signs of differentiation. The cells also showed a marked increase in the level of 21.5 kDa P-MBP. (N) narirutin; (H) hesperidin (Both are major constituents of Chinpi; see Supplementary Figure 1); (W) narirutin plus hesperidin; (C) untreated control OPC cultures.