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Review Article

Prevalence of Dietary Supplement Use in Patients with Proven or Suspected Cardiovascular Disease

Table 1

Comparison of methodology in studies of dietary supplement use in cardiac patients.

StudyDates of studyGeographic locationMode of data collectionValidity & reliability of measureSample sizeResponse rateRepresentativeness of sampleDefinition of dietary supplements (nonsupplement CAM surveyed are not listed)Definition of use

Ackman et al. (1999) [7]July 1995–June 1996Canada, AlbertaPatient surveyPiloted survey18075%Respondents and nonrespondents comparable in age and genderVitamins/minerals, nutritional supplements, health food or herbal productsUsed at least once weekly over last 3 months

Ai and Bolling (2002) [8]May 1999–December 2000US, MichiganFace-to-face interview followed by telephone interview22548%Herbal medicine, megavitamins, homeopathy, folk remediesUse in last 1 year

Albert et al. (2009) [9]April 2007–February 2008US, Ohio & PennsylvaniaTelephone or face-to-face interviewSurvey reviewed by research committee374Herbal therapies

Amira and Okubadejo (2007) [10]3 month periodNigeria, LagosFace-to-face interview225Dietary supplements and herbs

Artz et al. (2006) [11]Data from 2000-2002 Minnesota Heart SurveyUS, MinnesotaFace-to-face interviewValidated interview, trained interviewers315Respondents compared to local census dataNonvitamin/mineral dietary supplement, vitamin/mineral dietary supplement.Use in last 2 weeks

Barraco et al. (2005) [12]3 month periodUS, MichiganFace-to-face interviewTrained Interviewers22326%Folk remedies, herbal therapy, homeopathy, megavitamin therapy (not daily vitamin), minerals (not calcium or iron), native American medicine, Tibetan medicine, traditional Chinese medicineUse in last 12 months

Buettner et al. (2007) [13]Data from 1999-2000 and 2001-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveysUSFace-to-face interview1066 and 248282% and 84%Representative respondents sampledVitamins, minerals, other dietary supplementsUse in last 1 month

Chagan et al. (2005) [14]February 2001–December 2002US, New YorkFace-to-face interview198Herbal supplements, vitamins, mineral supplementsUse in last 12 months

Dal Corso et al. (2007) [15]August-September 2005Italy, VeronaFace-to-face interview15357%Herbal remedies, integrators (vitamins, minerals, salts)Ever used

Gohar et al. (2008) [16]February–April 2006UK, BirminghamFace-to-face interview15379%Alternative medical system, Vitamin supplements, dietary supplement, herbal medicineUse in last 1 year

Krasuski et al. (2006) [17]US, TexasPatient survey21075%Herbal medications, vitamin supplements (unless prescribed), dietary supplementsUse in last 6 months

Liu et al. (2000) [18]March–May 1998US, New YorkPatient survey26370%Chelation, herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, vitaminsEver used

Pharand et al. (2003) [19]December 1998–February 1999Canada, cross-countryPatient surveySurvey used in Ackman et al. (1999) [7]306Respondents distributed across country similarly to population Vitamins or mineral products, nutritional supplements, health food or herbal products (home remedies, oriental remedies)Used daily or at least once weekly in last 6 months

Shafiq et al. (2003) [20]May 2001–October 2001India, ChandigarhFace-to-face interview521100%Herbal medicine, homeopathyCurrent and past use

Stys et al. (2004) [21]US, New YorkPhysician interview187Vitamin, mineral or herbal supplementsCurrent (medication history)

Wong et al. (2003) [22]May 2001Hong KongPhysician interview107100%NAHerbal decoctions, proprietary medicines containing herbs, “cool tea”, “herbal soup”, tonicsUse in last 1 week

Wood et al. (2003) [23]Canada, Nova ScotiaTelephone interviewTrained interviewers10788%Respondents younger (64 versus 69) but similar gender mix to nonrespondentsMegavitamins, herbal therapy, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, folk remedies, chelation

Yeh et al. (2006) [6]Data from 2002 National Health Interview SurveyUSFace-to-face interview1057274%Representative respondents sampledAlternative medical systems, chelation, folk medicine, herbal products, large-dose vitamins, special dietsEver used, used in last 12 months

Yilmaz et al. (2007) [24]TurkeyFace-to-face interviewSurvey piloted310HerbalsEver used, use daily, duration of use

Zick et al. (2005) [25]January 2000–February 2004US, MichiganPatient survey25280%Herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, otherUse in last 6 months

Note: -: not reported, NA: not applicable, *Study analysed data from a population survey.