Table 3: Antimicrobial activity of PGPE and ampicillin (APCL) against 16 strains of Salmonella.

StrainSerotypesMIC (μg mL−1)

JOL 380S. typhi ATCC 199432500.97
JOL 381S. paratyphi A62.51.95
JOL 386S. enteritidis10001.95
JOL 387S. typhimurium10001.95
JOL 388S. typhimurium5000.97
JOL 389S. typhimurium250 250
JOL 407S. enteritidis2501.95
JOL 408S. typhimurium5001.95
JOL 409S. dublin ATCC 391845000.97
JOL 410S. derby ATCC 69605001.95
JOL 411S. choleraesuis ATCC 700162.5 250
JOL 419S. gallinarum62.51.95
JOL 420S. gallinarum62.51.95
JOL 421S. gallinarum1251.95
JOL 422S. gallinarum2501.95
JOL 423S. gallinarum ATCC 91841000 250

aPositive control.