Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2012 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Development of a Biocrystallisation Assay for Examining Effects of Homeopathic Preparations Using Cress Seedlings

Figure 2

General design of one main experiment. (a) The coded homeopathic preparations B and G (corresponding to Stannum metallicum 30x and water 30x) had been prepared in triplicate. (b) The six preparations were randomized and coded with numbers 1–6. (c) The preparations were filled in two separate bottles each. (d) The content of one of these bottles was used to cultivate the cress seedlings (soaking 10 filter papers in plastic bags for each of the six experimental conditions). (e) An aqueous extract was prepared from crushed seedlings after a 96 h growth period, extracted in homeopathic solution using the 2nd coded bottle. (f) For each experimental condition, six biocrystallograms were prepared. In addition, seven biocrystallograms were prepared using an open (noncoded) internal standard “St” (freeze-dried wheat).