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Research Article

Development of a Biocrystallisation Assay for Examining Effects of Homeopathic Preparations Using Cress Seedlings

Figure 3

(a) Average evaporation times (mean ± SE of 6 replicates each) of the cress extract biocrystallograms obtained at the individual experimental days. Standard errors are smaller than the icons used and thus not visible. Data from day 1 are missing due to technical failure. ((b), (c)) Texture analysis variable (b) “correlation” (member of variable group II) and (c) “cluster_shade” (member of variable group I) (mean ± SE of 6 replicates each) for biocrystallograms of cress grown in either Stannum met. 30x or water 30x, plotted as a function of the individual experiments (experimental day). Connecting lines are no interpolations.