Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Development of a Biocrystallisation Assay for Examining Effects of Homeopathic Preparations Using Cress Seedlings

Table 4

Results from ANOVA F-tests (main effects and 2nd-order interactions) for three variables of texture analysis, uncorrected and corrected for processing order.

Texture analysis parameterMain effects
(1) Exp. day(1) Exp. day corrected(2) Potency(2) Potency corrected(3) Int. Replicate(3) Int. Replicate corrected


Texture analysis parameterEffect interactions
1-21-2 corrected1-31-3 corrected2-32-3 corrected


Note. Independent experimental parameters were (1) experimental day {LBI: 1–7, BRAD: 8–15; n = 15}, (2) treatment {Stannum met. 30x or water 30x; n = 2}, and (3) internal treatment replicate {1–3; n = 3}. Each experimental parameter combination (statistical treatment cell) was assessed by 6 biocrystallogram replicates. Highly significant effects (P < 0.01) are printed in bold.