Table 1: The finest subsets of specific symptoms (signs).

Symptoms (signs)Syndromes (patterns)
Damp-heat accumulating in the spleen-stomachDampness obstructing the spleen-stomachSpleen-stomach qi deficiencySpleen-stomach deficiency coldLiver stagnationStagnated heat in liver-stomach

1Yellow tongue coatingGreasy tongue coatingFatigueCold limbsAggravating after anxiety or angerRed tongue

2Greasy tongue coatingThick tongue coatingWhite tongue coatingPreference for warmDistending pain in the chest and hypochondriac areaBurning pain

3Red tongueWhite tongue coatingTongue with teethmarksWhite tongue coatingBelchingDistending pain in the chest and hypochondriac area

4Thick tongue coatingWhitish tonguePale-white tongueCold painPain of unfixed locationPreference for cold

5Retrosternal burning sensationTongue with teethmarksFat tongueWhitish tongueGastric distensionYellow tongue coating

6Dry tongue coatingFat tongueWhitish lipsLoose stoolAggravating after dietAn empty sensation in the stomach

7Greasy tasteDark-red tongueLoose stoolHeaviness of the bodyPreference for pressureDry stool

8Dark-red tongueSlippery tongue coatingDizzinessThin tongue coatingPreference for warmThin tongue

9Mixed yellow and white tongue coatingSlippery pulseThin tongue coatingFixed painThirsty

10Bitter taste in the mouthCold limbsHeaviness of the bodyRed lips

11Preference for coldBluish or purple tongueWhitish complexionSoure taste

12Slippery pulseHesitant pulseInsomnia