Figure 5: Mesuagenin C 3 prevented H2O2-induced morphological changes in NG108-15 cells. (a) Viable cell nuclei were evenly stained. (b) H2O2-treated cells show reduced nuclear size, chromatin condensation, and the nuclei were unevenly stained with intense blue fluorescence (arrow 1) which indicates early apoptotic cells. Cell nuclei that were dual stained with Hoechst 33342 and PI (arrow 2) were considered to be at their late apoptosis. (c) However, after pretreatment with mesuagenin C 3 (50 μM), there was a clear reduction of apoptotic cell number (arrow 1) and increasing number of evenly stained nuclei indicating viable cells (arrow 3). This clearly proved that pretreatment with mesuagenin C 3 prevents the induction of neuronal apoptosis in NG108-15 cells (magnification 400x).