Figure 5: Effects of Sal B and losartan on Ang II-induced TGF-β expression in HSC. HSC-T6 cells or primary rat HSC was seeded in 12-well plate in DMEM medium with 10% FBS. After 24 h, cells were pretreated with Sal B (10−5 M), losartan (10−6 M), or vehicle in DMEM medium with 0.5% FBS for 4 h, and then incubated with Ang II (10−6 M) for another 24 h. real-time RT-PCR was performed to examine mRNA levels of all three TGF-β isoforms in (a) HSC-T6 cells and (b) primary rat HSC. Relative expression values are shown asfold changes compared with normal. Each bar represents the mean ± S.D. of three independent experiments. ** versus normal; ## versus Ang II alone group.