Table 1: Properties for maca after in vivo administration in experimental animals.


RatsIncrease sperm count and sperm motility[16]
Increase male sexual behavior[13, 22, 23]
Small effect on rat male sexual behavior[24]
Antistress[26, 27]
Prevent testosterone-induced prostatic hyperplasia[20]
Reversed osteoporosis[28, 29]
Neuroprotective effects[30]
Protects against UV radiation[31]
antioxidant status, lipid, and glucose metabolism[32]

MiceIncrease male sexual behavior[13]
Increase embryo survival[33]
Prevent testosterone-induced prostatic hyperplasia[34]
Increase number of offsprings[33]
Improve memory and learning[3537]

Guinea pigsIncrease number of offsprings[38]

FishNutritional[39, 40]
Increase embryo survival[39]

BullsImprove sperm quantity and quality [41]
Unaffected mating behavior