Figure 7: SLE inhibited tumor growth in the WEHI-3 cells allograft model. Eighteen BALB/c mice were subcutaneously implanted with 1 × 107 WEHI-3 cells. When tumors reached the volume of 100 mm3, the mice were randomly divided into three groups (six mice/group). Group 1 was orally treated with control vehicle (olive oil) daily; group 2 was orally treated with 5 mg/kg of SLE daily; group 3 was orally treated with 15 mg/kg of SLE daily. At day 28, all animals were sacrificed. Representative (a) animals with tumor, (b) tumor weight, (c) solid tumor volume, and (d) body weight from each animal were shown. Data are presented as the mean ± S.E.M. of six animals at day 0 to 28 after tumor implantation. *, , significantly different compared with control.