Table 2: Baseline characteristics of participants with restless legs syndrome (RLS) assigned to the yoga ( ) versus the educational film (control) group ( ).

Treatment Group
YogaEducational Film (control)

Demographic and lifestyle characteristics
 Age in years (Mean, SE)58.402.0058.902.88NS
  Non-Hispanic White880.00%770.00%
  African American220.00%330.00%
  <4 years college330.00%440.00%
  ≥4 years college770.00%660.00%
 Mean daily intake of the following:
  Caffeine (mg)162.6849.93147.7735.74NS
  Alcohol (g)19.5715.9120.4216.38NS
Health history
 Reported history of:
  High blood pressure440.00%550.00%NS
 Prediabetic (fasting glucose 100–125 mg/dL)550.00%550.00%NS
 Serum ferritin levels (ng/mL)81.4015.3580.5615.32NS
 RLS symptomsNS
  1–3x month220.00%110.00%
  At least 1x week880.00%990.00%
 Obese (body mass index ≥30)660.00%550.00%NS

Abbreviations. NS: nonsignificant ( ).