Figure 5: Wound-healing activity by C. procera protein was determined in a mouse model. (a) Reduction of wound area was compared with antibiotic (FA) up to 14 days. (b) Percentage of wound healing effect of Calo-protein was compared with the control group. (c, d) The protein treatment showed full thickness of reepithelialization in the epidermis, well-organized granular layer, compared to the wound control. (e, f) Masson’s Trichrome (MT) staining showed less deposition of collagen in the wound control mice after 14 days. (g–i) Biochemical analysis showed that protein treated enhanced more collagen synthesis than the FA and WCtrl after 14 days. ep: epidermis, de: dermis, ct: cortex, ne: neutrophils, mf: muscle fiber, and co: collagen.