Table 3: Effects of HFD and L. laricina administration on organ weights at sacrifice.

Prevention protocolTreatment protocol
DIOL. laricinaL. laricinaDIOL. laricinaL. laricina
125 mg/kg250 mg/kg125 mg/kg250 mg/kg

Retroperitoneal fat pad (g)
Epididymal fat pad (g)
Brown fat pad (g)
Liver weight (g)
Liver index

Measurements were obtained after 8 weeks (prevention) or 16 weeks (treatment) of administration with either HFD (DIO) or L. laricina at 125 or 250 mg/kg, which was incorporated in the HFD for 8 weeks in the prevention protocol and for the last 8 of 16 weeks in the treatment protocol. The liver index corresponds to liver weight (mg)/body weight (mg). All values represent the mean ± SEM (prevention protocol DIO = 11; L. laricina 125 = 13; L. laricina 250 = 13, and for the treatment protocol DIO = 7; L. laricina 125 = 5; L. laricina 250 = 8). *denotes that treated groups are significantly different as compared to DIO (one-way ANOVA; post hoc analysis Holm-Sidak or Bonferroni-Dunn test; ).