Table 4: Effects of obesity as well as L. laricina administration on hepatic mitochondrial function.

Treatment protocol
ChowDIOL. laricinaL. laricina
125 mg/kg250 mg/kg

State 3
State 4
ATP synthesis

Mitochondrial function was measured as described in detail in Section 2.10, after 16 weeks of administration with either standard diet (CHOW), HFD (DIO), or L. laricina at 125 or 250 mg/kg, which was incorporated in the last 8 of 16 weeks in the treatment protocol. State 3 represents the rate of oxygen consumed during oxidative phosphorylation; state 4 represents the rate of oxygen consumption obtained after oxidative phosphorylation; RCR (respiratory control ratio) represents the ratio between state 3 and state 4. All values represent the mean ± SEM (for the treatment protocol CHOW = 4; DIO = 5; L. laricina 125 = 4; L. laricina 250 = 4).