Table 1: Demographics of meditation practitioners.

FactorMeditation practitioners*

Number of responses343
% Male39.6
Mean age and age range44, (SD 13.4), range 18 yrs to 82 yrs
% Caucasian77.2
% Asian21.9
% Single/never married/divorced/widow27
% Married/de facto73
High school, highest level25.9
Undergraduate, highest level49.4
Postgraduate, highest level21.2
No history of mental illness87.9
History of minor mental illness10.4
History of major mental illness1.7

*In comparison, the National Health Survey in 1995 was weighted to population norms with the SF36 administered to only the household members aged 18 years or more. The mean age was 42.6 (SD 16.5) with 48% male.