Research Article

Melanogenesis and Antityrosinase Activity of Selected South African Plants

Table 1

List of selected plants and their traditional uses.

PlantsCommon namesFamily nameMedicinal use

Aloe aculeata Pole-Evans (Leaves)NgopaneAsphodelaceaeUsed as a skin lightening [19]
Aloe arborescens Mill. (Leaves)Ikalane/UmhlabanaAsphodelaceaeLeaf extracts have shown to have significant wound healing, antimicrobial, anti-ulcer and anticarcinogenic activity [14]
Aloe ferox Mill. (Leaves)Ikhala/InhlabaAsphodelaceaeSap in the leaves used traditionally as laxatives and can be taken for arthritis [14]
Aloe pretoriensis Pole-Evans (Leaves)N/AAsphodelaceaeUsed as a skin lightening [19]
Aloe sessiliflora Pole-Evans (Leaves)N/AAsphodelaceaeUsed traditionally to treat the uterus and believed to promote menstruation [14]
Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f. (Leaves)N/AAsphodelaceaeThe gel from leaves is used as a remedy for minor burns and scrapes and for sunburn [14]
Calodendrum capensis Thumb. (Leaves)UmbhabaRutaceaeUsed as a facial mask [19]
Calodendrum capensis Thumb. (Bark)UmbhabaRutaceaeUsed traditionally in soaps and as a skin-lightener as white umemezi [14]
Harpephyllum caffrum Bernh. (Leaves)UmgwenyaAnacardiaceaeUsed as a face mask [19]
Harpephyllum caffrum Bernh. (Bark)UmgwenyaAnacardiaceaeAcne and eczema treatment, and is usually applied as facial saunas and skin washes [14]
Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. (Nuts)MorulaAnacardiaceaeOil extracted from the kernels is Africa’s greatest skin care oil and as a skin-lightener (personal communication) [14]
Ximenia americana L. (Nuts)Umthunduluka-obmvuOlacaceaeSeeds contain valuable oil that is used traditionally to soothe leather and as cosmetic and skin ointment [14]

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