Table 1: Cochrane Reviews of TCHP for CHD.

First authorTCHPControl groupConditionNumber of RCTsParticipantsConclusion

Wu et al. [8]Danshen as part of decoctionDifferent basic treatmentAcute myocardial infarction62368B
Wang et al. [9]PuerarinDifferent basic treatmentUnstable angina pectoris201240A
Zheng et al. [10]Different forms of ShengmaiDifferent basic treatmentHeart failure6440A
Duan et al. [11]Suxiao jiuxin wanIsosorbide dinitrate or nitroglycerin or other TCHPAngina pectoris151776A
Wu et al. [12]TongxinluoDifferent basic treatmentUnstable angina pectoris181413A
Zhuo et al. [13]Different herbal productsIsosorbide dinitrate or other TCHPStable angina3216B

Notes: RCT: randomized clinical trial.
A: TCHP may be or appears to be effective.
B: The evidence is insufficient, reliable conclusions could not be drawn.