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It Is Not Just Folklore: The Aqueous Extract of Mung Bean Coat Is Protective against Sepsis

Figure 3

MBC extract induced HMGB1 aggregation and autophagy. (a) MBC extract induced HMGB1 aggregation in vitro. Highly purified HMGB1 protein (3 mg/L) was incubated with MBC extract (20 mg/L) for 1 h, resolved on SDS-PAGE gel, and stained by Coomassie blue or anti-HMGB1 antibodies (Western blotting). (b) MBC extract increased formation of LC3-containing vesicles. GFP-LC3-transfected RAW 264.7 cells were stimulated with LPS (0.2 mg/L) in the absence or presence of MBC extract (15 mg/L) for 16 h, and the formation of LC3 punctuates were examined under fluorescent microscopy. (c, d) MBC extract enhanced LC3-II production. Macrophages were stimulated with LPS or MBC extract in the absence or presence of an autophagy inhibitor, bafilomycin A1, for 16 h, and cellular LC3-II levels were determined by Western blotting. Means not sharing a common letter differ, .