Figure 5: ISCADOR reduces cell motility and invasiveness in human and mouse GBM cell lines. (a) Boyden chamber migration assays. The cells were treated for 24 h with ISCADOR P, M, or Q (100 μg/mL). 20.000 treated cells were seeded in upper parts of Boyden chambers. Migrated cells were counted 21 h later ( for ISCADOR P, for ISCADOR M, for ISCADOR Q, SEM). (b) Scratch assay. The cells were seeded and treated as in (a) 24 h after treatment a scratch was set and migration of cells were documented photographically every 24 h. For better visualization, migration borders were marked with black lines ( , one representative experiment is shown). (c) Boyden chamber matrigel invasion assay. The cells were treated as in (a) ( , SEM).