Table 3: Effects of tai chi on IPSS, QoL, and biochemical outcomes.

OutcomeTai chi (n = 14)Control (n = 14)t P

IPSS −2.360.03
QoL of BPH (Total) −3.060.005
QoL of BPH (subscale)
 urination-related discomfort −2.010.06
 Worry & concern −2.450.02
 Interference with daily activities −1.940.06
Testosterone (ng/mL) 2.920.007
Insulin ( U/mL) −0.270.79
Blood glucose (mg/dL) −0.090.93
QUICKI 1.380.18

The value are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; IPSS: international prostate symptoms score; QoL of BPH: quality of life of benign prostate hyperplasia; QUICKI: quantitative insulin sensitivity check index.