Figure 2: Alterations of tumor microenvironments under different ZHENG conditions. (a) Xenograft tumor models were established as described. On the next day, three types of ZHENG, namely, Shi-Re, Pi-Xu, and Xue-Yu were established. Tumors were obtained 4 wks after implantation. IHC staining for vimentin and α-SMA on sections of tumors was performed for evaluating CAF proliferative activities (top). IHC staining for CD68 was performed for evaluating TAM infiltration (low). Original magnification, 200x. (b) CAF proliferative activity (left) and TAM infiltration (right) were quantitatively evaluated by calculating the ratio of vimentin or CD68 antibody positive staining area to the total area in each field, and the mean value from ten fields under 200x microscopy was indicated. * ; ** ; n.s.: not significant.