Research Article

Comparison of the Effects on Rib Fracture between the Traditional Japanese Medicine Jidabokuippo and Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Table 1

The 7 herbs that compose jidabokuippo and their dry weight/daily dose.

Latin namesCrude drugsWeight (g)

Cinnamomi CortexCinnamon Bark3.0
Cnidii RhizomaCnidium Rhizome3.0
Nupharis RhizomaNuphar Rhizome (Yellow Pond Lily)3.0
Quercus CortexQuercus Bark3.0
Glycyrrhizae RadixGlycyrrhiza Root, Glycyrrhiza1.5
Rhei RhizomaRhubarb Rhizome, Rhubarb (Rhubarb)1.0
Caryophylli FlosClove Floral Bud, Clove1.0