Review Article

Natural Product Nitric Oxide Chemistry: New Activity of Old Medicines

Table 1

The measurements of nitrite, nitrate, nitroso, nitrite reductase activity in several TCM herbs commonly used for CAD.

Chinese nameEnglish nameLatin nameIndicationNitrite (ng/g)Nitrate (mg/g)Nitroso (nmoL/g)NO production (pmol/mg)

DanShenDanahen RootRadix Salviae MiltiorrhizaeCAD330120001207
GuaLouSnakegourd FruitFructus TrichosanthisCAD, acute MI, Hyperlipidemia26027812046
XieBaiLongstamen Onion BulbBulbus Allii MacrostemiCAD, acute MI, Hyperlipidemia150530842134
SanChiSanchiRadix NotoginsengCAD21020697313
RuXiangFrankincenseResina OlibaniHypertension98061321072
ChiShaoRed Peony RootRadix Paeonia RubraCAD12037450255
HongShengGinsengRadix GinsengHeart failure, CAD30024376360
BingPiangBorneolBorneolum SyntheticumIncrease other herb's function for CAD or brain disease1202.99645
TianRanBingPiangBorneolCinnamomumIncrease other herb's function for CAD or brain disease1602.390875