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History and Mechanism for Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage with Scalp Acupuncture

Table 2

Nomenclature of scalp acupuncture lines by scientific group of WHO.

RegionsEnglish name and locationPinyin nameHan character nameAlphan-umeric code

Forehead region
Middle line of forehead 1 cun from GV 24 straight down along the meridian.Ézhongxiàn額中 MS1
Lateral line 1 of forehead 1 cun from BL3 straight down along the meridian.Épángxiàn I額旁1MS2
Lateral line 2 of forehead 1 cun from GB15 straight down along the meridian.Épángxiàn II額旁2MS3
Lateral line 3 of forehead 1 cun from the point 0.75 cun medial to ST8 straight down.épángxiàn III額旁3MS4

Parietal region
Middle line of vertex from GV 20 to GV 21 along the midline of head.Dingzhongxiàn頂中 MS5
Anterior oblique line of vertex-temporal from qiánshéncong 前神衝 (one of the four acupuncture points collectively designated as Ex-HN1, 1 cun anterior to GV 20) obliquely to GB6.Dingniè qiánxiéxiàn頂顳 前斜MS6
Posterior oblique line of vertex-temporal from GV 20 obliquely to GB7.Dingniè hòuxiéxiàn頂顳 後斜MS7
Lateral line 1 of vertex 1.5 cun lateral to middle line of vertex, 1.5 cun from BL6 backward along the meridian.Dingpángxiàn I頂旁1MS8
Lateral line 2 of vertex 2.25 cun lateral to middle line of vertex, 1.5 cun from GB17 backward along the meridian.Dingpángxiàn II頂旁2MS9

Temporal regionAnterior temporal line from GB4 to GB6.Nièqiánxiàn顳前 MS10
Posterior temporal line from GB8 to GB7.Nièhòuxiàn顳後 MS11

Occipital region
upper-middle line of occiput from GV 18 to GV 17Zhenshàng zhèngzhongxiàn枕上 正中MS12
Upper-lateral line of occiput 0.5 cun lateral and parallel to upper-middle line of occiput.Zhenshàng pángxiàn枕上 旁線MS13
Lower-lateral line of occiput 2 cun from BL9 straight down.Zhenxià pángxiàn枕下 旁線MS14