Table 2: Comparison of changes from baseline to 4-month posttest and 4-month follow-upb.

(4-month posttest) (4-month follow-up)(4-month posttest)(4-month follow-up) value

SBP 0.37
DBP 0.50
HR 0.44
LVM 0.036
LVMI 0.024
Weight 0.047
BMI 0.028
Sum3SF 0.435

bChange scores from baseline ± standard deviation. SBP = supine resting systolic blood pressure (mmHg), DBP = supine resting diastolic blood pressure (mmHg). HR = supine resting heart rate (bpm). LVM = left ventricular mass (gm). LVMI = LVM indexed by ht2.7. Weight (kg). BMI = body mass index. Sum 3SF = sum of three skinfolds.