Research Article

Testing Homeopathy in Mouse Emotional Response Models: Pooled Data Analysis of Two Series of Studies

Table 2

Cumulative results of open-field test (14 replications in two experimental series§).

Tested variableTested samplesNumber of miceEffect (% of control)ANOVAPost hoc test
MeanSEMFor seriesFor groups

Time in centreControl (solvent)2120.003.15
Diazepam (1 mg/kg)77−1.206.960.867
Buspirone (5 mg/kg)408.488.020.362
Gels 4C48−4.356.430.614
Gels 5C16619.674.48<0.001
Gels 7C9529.806.12<0.0001
Gels 9C4813.827.050.110
Gels 30C8026.297.09<0.001

Total distanceControl (solvent)2130.001.52
Diazepam (1 mg/kg)793.563.52
Buspirone (5 mg/kg)40−9.192.43
Gels 4C482.453.03
Gels 5C1664.941.55
Gels 7C943.452.04
Gels 9C480.773.23
Gels 30C794.962.54

§ For series definition, see Table 1.