Research Article

Testing Homeopathy in Mouse Emotional Response Models: Pooled Data Analysis of Two Series of Studies

Table 3

Cumulative results of light-dark test (14 replications in two experimental series§).

Tested variableTested samplesNumber of miceEffect (% of control)ANOVAPost hoc test
MeanSEMFor seriesFor groups

Time in lit areaControl (solvent)2150.003.95
Diazepam (1 mg/kg)7734.858.93<0.0001
Buspirone (5 mg/kg)4025.816.820.015
Gels 4C4818.158.470.066
Gels 5C16514.945.560.019
Gels 7C956.715.730.377
Gels 9C4837.477.04<0.001
Gels 30C7916.156.270.047

Light/dark transitionsControl (solvent)2130.004.39
Diazepam (1 mg/kg)7886.7815.70<0.0001
Buspirone (5 mg/kg)4011.886.600.386
Gels 4C4821.7811.430.086
Gels 5C16516.096.870.051
Gels 7C957.225.600.461
Gels 9C4840.019.090.002
Gels 30C7933.127.430.002

§ For series definition, see Table 1.