Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Review Article

Chemistry and Biology of Essential Oils of Genus Boswellia

Table 3

Biological activities of essential oils of Boswellia genus.

PlantsBiological activities of essential oils of Boswellia planta
AntioxidantAchEI inhibitionAntimycrobialAnticancerAntibiofilm

B. socotrana IC50 121.4 μg/mL, 59.3%Moderate activityNKNK
B. elongata IC50 211.2 μg/mL29.6Moderate activityNKNK
B. ameero IC50 175.2 μg/mL41.5NKGood activityNK
B. carteri NKaNKModerate activityNK
B. neglecta NKNKModerate activityNK
B. sacra NKNKGood activityGood activityNK
B. thurifera NKNKModerate activityNK
B. frereana NKNKModerate activityNK
B. dioscorides NKNKModerate activityNK
B. rivae NKNKGood activityNK
B. papyrifera NKNKGood activityGood activity

aNK: not known.