Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Novel Method for Classifying Body Mass Index on the Basis of Speech Signals for Future Clinical Applications: A Pilot Study

Table 3

Selected features by feature selection in each group ( : number of selected features).

Model (group) Selected features

Female: 20–3025aJITT, aPPQ, aF60_120_F240_480, aF240_480_960_1960, aF60_120_960_1960, aF1, eF0, eJITA, ePPQ, eF240_480_960_1960, eF2, iPPQ, iF60_120_960_1960, oF0, oJITT, oF1, oF2, uF0, uJITT, aMFCC4, eMFCC4, oMFCC4, uMFCC4, SF0, SITS
Female: 40–5029aF0, aJITA, aJITT, aF240_480_960_1960, aF2, eF0, eJITT, ePPQ, eF2_F1, iJITA, iPPQ, iF60_120_240_480, iF240_480_960_1960, iF60_120_960_1960, oF0, oF240_480_960_1960, oF1, oF2, uF0, uPPQ, uF60_120_960_1960, uF1, uF2, uF2_F1, aMFCC4, uMFCC4, CORR, I50, SISTD
Female: 6022aJITA, aJITT, aF60_120_F240_480, aF240_480_960_1960, eJITT, ePPQ, eF240_480_960_1960, eF2_F1, iF60_120_240_480, iF240_480_960_1960, iF60_120_960_1960, iF2, oF0, oJITT, oF2, oF2_F1, uF0, uJITA, uF60_120_240_480, uF60_120_960_1960, uMFCC4, SISTD
Male: 20–308aJITA, aPPQ, eF2, iF1, oJITT, uPPQ, eMFCC4, uMFCC4
Male: 40–5024aF0, eF0, eJITA, eJITT, eF60_120_960_1960, eF1, eF2, eF2_F1, iF0, iJITA, iPPQ, iF60_120_240_480, iF240_480_960_1960, iF2, oJITA, oJITT, oPPQ, oF60_120_oF960_1960, oF1, oF2, uF0, uF60_120_960_1960, eMFCC4, SF0
Male: 6023aJITT, aF60_120_F240_480, aF60_120_960_1960, aF1, eF240_480_960_1960, eF1, eF2_F1, iJITA, iPPQ, iF240_480_960_1960, iF60_120_960_1960, iF1, iF2, iF2_F1, oF60_120_240_480, uF2, uF0_oF0, oMFCC4, P50, I50, SSTD, SITS, SSPD